Hi there. Thanks for dropping by.

My name is Shaina. I'm the founder and Lead Panda at DoodlingPandas.com. I am a mom, wife, resident of Apex, NC, Tar Heel Born and Bred, graphic designer, writer, visual communicator, marketing professional, photographer, and general appreciator of all things creative. I love new experiences with my favorite people (of which I have many). I have a deep appreciation for seeking joy in as many ways as possible and for using art to preserve those things we love the most in our lives. I believe in taking ALL THE PICTURES whether or not we think we're looking our best. I believe the small moments are the ones we'll miss the most when they've passed. And I believe that creative arts are some of the best ways to reflect with gratitude on those small moments while preserving them for years to come.  

What are my qualifications?  Well, if you want all the nitty gritty head on over to my LinkedIn page to learn more. But the short answer is I was a Graphic Design (Journalism and Mass Communication) Major at UNC (Go Tar Heels). I then worked in Marketing, Communications, and Design full-time across multiple industries for a number of years until I pursued my MBA with a certificate in Marketing at ECU (Go Pirates!). I have been working for myself ever since. 

If you're here looking for some contract graphic design or marketing work for your organization, or to build your personal brand through some head shots and an avatar, or if you want some portraits of your kids before they grow another inch or lose another tooth, you're in the right place. I'd love to work with you.  Feel free to reach out at shaina@doodlingpandas.com.