Branding and Marketing

What is the difference?

Branding is the story you're telling your customer about who you are. A brand story is communicated in every encounter we have with our customers and is crafted with the colors and fonts we use, the impression your logo makes, the tone and language of your messaging and the guidelines for how you keep your company's identity consistent and recognizable. Without a well defined brand, customers are often left wondering who they're working with and what they have to offer. 

By contrast, Marketing is the way you reach your customer, be it through your website, social media, face to face or one of the other thousands of contact points available. In a world with so many marketing avenues, it is often difficult to know which channels make the best investment for your company. 

How can we help?

At Doodling Pandas, we use extensive industry knowledge to help advise you on the most cost-effective ways to achieve your branding and marketing goals, be it personal, professional or both. If you are a new company in need of a brand package, or if you've got a brand and you're looking to extend your marketing reach, we are here to help with all the branding and marketing fundamentals including, but not limited to:

Reach out today to receive your free brand consultation so we can create the right plan for your budget.